Legal claims against your business are one of the most expensive and most dangerous threats you face.  In addition to the cost of resolving a claim in court, you are also faced with the publicity and time-consuming nature of the situation.  The last thing you want as a business owner is to have your resources tied up in a court case.

Luckily there is a better option.  Mediation makes it possible to resolve any legal issue that arises in a shorter period of time and for less expense.  More and more New Jersey businesses are moving toward mediation as a means of resolving issues because the process offers so many benefits.  In addition to being cost-effective and less time-consuming, it also puts complete control into the hands of the disputing parties.  This means you and the person or organization with whom you have a dispute control the outcome.  Unless both of you agree to a resolution, the process does not move forward.

In addition to mutual satisfaction, privacy is also a benefit of mediation.  Everything discussed during the mediation session(s), as well as the final outcome, is confidential.  There are no court proceedings open to the public or media, and there is no need for the resolution to be made public.  Even if mediation is unsuccessful, the discussions held during the process cannot be used against either party at a later date.

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