As a business owner, you already know how important it is to have the right guidance and support for commercial litigation matters.  Business law is complex and having someone to assist you with problem solving and decision making in the increasingly complicated business market is essential to your success.

Bruce Harrison has spent his career helping New Jersey businesses make the best decisions possible.  He has worked on their behalf to negotiate and draft settlement agreements before or during litigation.  He is prepared to work with you from the early stages of your case, or to step in mid-way through when you lose certainty that things are going your way.  His goal is to keep his clients informed during all stages of the commercial litigation process, and to ensure they feel comfortable and confident, and able to make informed decisions.

In addition to assisting business owners with commercial litigation matters, Bruce is also prepared to help with their approach to the organization of their business.  He can assist with drafting internal documents, developing commercial forms and documentation, including warranties, rental agreements, and leases, resolving stockholder and partnership disputes, and organizing boards of directors.  He also has experience working with companies concerning hiring and termination decisions, terminating equipment leases, creating non-compete agreements and franchise agreements, negotiating contracts, and collecting receivables.  If a New Jersey business requires assistance with day-to-day operations and overall policy, Bruce can help.

If you are a business owner or have a managerial role in a business and you are looking for the assistance of an experienced commercial attorney, contact Bruce Harrison at 856.914.2098 or by email at