Intellectual Property

Intellectual property is often one of a businesses’ most valuable assets. It routinely is what provides a business with competitive advantage. Considerable money is spent both developing intellectual property and protecting it from misappropriation. Non-disclosure and no-competition employment agreements are a common means for a business to attempt to keep its intellectual property secure.

Also, when businesses seek to pursue contractual undertakings, there is often a need for sharing of proprietary information so the feasibility of a venture can be adequately assessed. Non-Disclosure Agreements (“NDAs”) are commonly executed to permit technology sharing in this environment.

Licensing and cross licensing agreements are a common means for businesses to share intellectual property rights, while still both protecting and monetizing them. Such agreements are particularly common with patented technology.

New Jersey has a modified split court system at the trial level. There is a Law and separate Chancery Division. Seeking injunctive relief is often a remedy sought in intellectual property litigation and the Chancery Division is the appropriate forum where such relief is sought in New Jersey courts.

As a litigator and business adviser while in private practice, Bruce Harrison has considerable experience with trade secret claims. He has tried cases and both sought injunctive relief before the Chancery Division and defended such claims. As a Vice President and General Counsel for a publicly held technology company, Bruce supervised external patent prosecution; supervised both domestic and international patent litigation; and negotiated cross licensing agreements of high value technology, as well as NDAs in multiple different contexts.

This experience enables Bruce to assist parties to informally resolve intellectual property disputes when the litigation option often presents high cost and risk, to say nothing of the potential for delay in finality. Mediation of such disputes helps to ensure confidentiality, which is at a premium when it comes to intellectual property. If you are looking for a thoughtful and seasoned mediator to assist in resolving intellectual property claims, please contact Bruce at 856-914-2098 or by e-mail at