Corporate Law

Disputes within a company, at times including shareholders, partners, members, employees or the like, or between two or more companies, are costly and often highly disruptive, especially once in litigation when the discovery process takes hold. Mediation offers parties to such disputes quick access to a dispute resolution process which is prompt and cost effective.  The potential for success in informal dispute resolution procedure is heightened when the mediator is experienced, knowledgeable and balanced.

In his four decade legal career, Bruce Harrison has been more than just an advocate and litigator for his many big and small sized business clients.  Additionally, he was the managing partner of his regional law firm and the Vice President & General Counsel for a publicly held company (Metrologic Instruments, Inc., a NASDAQ listed designer and manufacturer of bar code scanning equipment) which required both domestic and international problem solving.  Metrologic was purchased by private equity and later sold to a Fortune 100 company adding breath to Bruce’s knowledge and experience. Additionally, Bruce has had leadership positions on Boards of Directors of not for profit organizations.

For the past several years, Bruce has been mediating cases and most of them have included at least one business party.  Between his experience as an advisor or litigator on behalf of businesses and/or as a mediator, he has considerable experience with the following non-exclusive list of issues:

  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Shareholder litigation
  • Breach of contract
  • Trade secret protection and claims of misappropriation
  • Other intellectual property claims
  • All manner of employee claims
  • Transactional contract work
  • Environmental and other real property claims
  • Compensation issues
  • Governance and control issues including oppression claims

If you are confronted with corporate law claims or disputes and want to at least try to resolve these matters in an informal but informed manner via mediation, contact Bruce at 856.914.2098 or by email at